Would a rose smell as sweet? What’s in a name? Genesis 22


  1. I am glad to see someone point this out. I asked about these variants in Qohelet at a local SBL meeting here last year – no response. I have noticed the same in the Jonah story this week. The last chapter of Jonah has this usage – Yhwh – Yhwh God – the God – God – Yhwh. and the earlier chapters use the God in certain contexts – I rendered it ‘this God’. There is more to this than just different traditions. H)LHYM is frequent in Qohelet and occurs in Job 1-2. But three times in the psalms:
    87:3 ???? ??????????
    90:1 ????????? ???????? ????? ??????????
    not sure about these two – maybe a consequence of construct – applying the definite to the city and to the man
    136:2 ?????? ???????? ??????????
    the last one is clear

  2. You have looked at this more than I have at this stage… I wonder about “this God” with a normal singular word that would be a common sense of the “article” but ‘elohim is plural in form and in some places actually plural… I wish I knew of some extra-biblical cognate usage to compare πŸ™‚

    I’m sure you are right about these Psalms.

    In Gen 22 there is no such easy explanation, which together with the use of straight ‘elohim by the angel and the change to Yhwh makes it all the more interesting πŸ™‚

    Aagh, I must get this blog fixed so it displays Unicode.

  3. Hi the podcast was interesting i think naming is very imporatnt. This is something that easter civilisations understand. It is not something that is though about much in the west. Genesis 22:1-22, I dont think it’s horrible at all especially with hindsight. Good tells us that death is not the end, and this was a test of Abrahams commitment to God. Also “the God” is clearly reference to YHWH who has created the Angels and the Messiah included. thanks for the podcats

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