What is the Bible? (Part 2) A hologram?

Many people think the Bible is like a hologram, any part of which shows the truth. The practice of scholars, preachers and teachers, of citing single verses or lists of verses to demonstrate something, encourages this view. The claim that the Bible is “inerrant” in all its parts seems to seal the idea. Yet in the Bible God itself told us in the Bible that it is false!


  1. Eliphaz can be seen as one who puts a context to words that they don’t deserve. Job is an extended comment on Deut 28. There must be misinterpretation as well as interpretation. How can the Bible tell the story in such a way that we can hear this irony? Can a fractal contain irony? Can the irony be perceived apart from the fear that it points to? The reader of a holograph must be subtle – smoother than that serpent – who as accuser gets cast out of court.

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