What DOES “fulfil” mean?

Matthew often says that Jesus “fulfilled” some passage from the Old Testament. What does he mean? This ‘cast begins to explore this question.


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3 Responses to What DOES “fulfil” mean?

  1. Glyn Carpenter says:

    This is a great idea. Congratulations and Thank You,

  2. Doc Stan Theron says:

    Some readers of the Scripture are “fatalistic” in outlook and read the “so that” of especially Matthew as God’s detailed and ironclad plan as just the rolling out of a carpet. There are a few references that don’t exactly fit this approach as the “son called from Egypt” that refers to the nation that were called but failed! (Jonah’s God-given prophecy failed but the message intent was fulfilled – repentance!!)One should realise however that the Greek word of Matthew’s commentary can also be rendered “in that”, showing but not detailing the relationship as strictly causal. My present approach to the prophets with a class of Pasifika pastors from a number of denominational backgrounds have found this interesting and enlightening. As previously I agree whole heartedly with this and the previous “5 min” approach to prophecy where fore-telling is only a facet. My approach FACTICISM (acronym for 9 lecture series – free from serenitas@xtra.co.nz) is very similar to “5min Bible”)

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