E100: Week 14: Death and resurrection

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Gospels are not biographies, nor are they just collections of sayings, they focus on Jesus’ death and resurrection. Without either event can’t understand Jesus or the gospel. But we also to see and understand that Jesus is God incarnate and that Jesus is risen else his dearth and the disciples turnaround between end of gospels and Acts  makes no sense.

This week’s readings bring to fruition the message we heard time and again in the Old Tedstament, that the only true God is Yahweh, the one who will be with and for us, this God is Yeshua (in English – Jesus) “he saves”.

So, here’s the link to the audio:
E100: Week 14: Death and resurrection

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One Response to E100: Week 14: Death and resurrection

  1. Deane says:

    I agree that the visionary experiences of Jesus, which some of thetwelve disciples had, “turned them around” to believe that their earthly leader had risen to a preeminent place in Heaven. These visionary experiences were probably not experienced by all of the disciples, however, which accounts for Matthew’s explanation that “some doubted” – and the subsequent narratives in Acts only involve a few of the twelve. But it is a fairly safe conclusion that at least some disciples had a visionary experience of the resurrected and glorified Jesus in Galilee, which stimulated the new religion.