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  • Did Jephthah slaughter his daughter?

    Dec 10, 12 • Judges3 Comments
    Did Jephthah slaughter his daughter?

    The second in what is becoming a series on Jephthah’s story (( I need to do another on “history” when I get back home and have better access to the literature. ))  I examine the question my friend actually asked, which was whether or not we the people should find Jephthah guilty of killing his [&hellip...

  • Jephthah & “Headship”

    Dec 5, 12 • JudgesComments Off on Jephthah & “Headship”
    Jephthah & “Headship”

    A friend on Facebook asked about her pastor’s interpretation of the story of Jephthah’s daughter, since that’s a “difficult” passage I thought it would make an interesting podcast. The trouble is I got waylaid, I spotted a distraction in the story.. Jephthah’s story (I have to return with another podcast about his daughter’s story!) may [&hellip...

  • Hannah’s Song: Opening Judges

    Sep 18, 12 • Jesus, JudgesComments Off on Hannah’s Song: Opening Judges
    Hannah’s Song: Opening Judges

    Following the Twisted Tales of the book of Judges (in the Hebrew Bible) comes Samuel. The opening of Samuel responds well to the questions posed by the horrid stories that ended Judges...

  • Twisted tales: or should the book of Judges be censored?

    Sep 17, 12 • Judges, Narrative, Sex8 Comments
    Twisted tales: or should the book of Judges be censored?

    Judges is definitely not suitable for Sunday School reading, the bits that are told are firmly censored, and few of us go back to notice what we are missing. But, if we do, what we find is a book chock full of horrid twisted tales, brutal, brutish and sadly not short. Why? Can such a [&hellip...