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  • History or Theology: the Bible as a document

    Mar 18, 11 • Reading2 Comments
    History or Theology: the Bible as a document

    Gavin in his post “Mrs. God” linked to my recent podcasts about Yahweh’s wife, he notes one area for discussion: I’m a bit worried about the distinction Tim makes between a historically married god and a theological entity who wasn’t, but it’ll be interesting to see where it all leads. To respond in this podcast [&hellip...

  • Isaiah 40 in Babylon

    Jun 26, 07 • History, Isaiah2 Comments
    Isaiah 40 in Babylon

    It is certainly one of my favourite Bible passages, indeed it is many people’s favourite Bible chapter. Isaiah 40 is just full of superb phrases and pictures. Whenever it was composed, this chapter really comes to life and sparkles when it is heard as the Judean exiles in Babylon heard, it just before Cyrus the [&hellip...