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  • Yahweh: God the midwife

    Mar 18, 11 • Gender, Genesis, Job, Psalms, TheologyComments Off on Yahweh: God the midwife
    Yahweh: God the midwife

    In this podcast I’ll briefly argue that since the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) regularly pictures Yahweh as intimately associated with both forming in the womb and birthing, and particularly since “his” role is often as midwife “he” cannot be thought of as a male god. Rather “he” is God and as later (though very early [&hellip...

  • Why do you read? Or: Was God married?

    Mar 14, 11 • Gender, Reading6 Comments
    Why do you read? Or: Was God married?

    Video version here. The Daily Mail (a UK tabloid newspaper) carried an article “Why the BBC’s new face of religion believes God had a WIFE” (( Yes, the capitals were in the original, for some reason… )) It caused a flurry among the Twittering classes, and on Facebook, and even among the biblioblogs (though in [&hellip...