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  • Chance or Providence?

    Feb 13, 13 • Gapping, Genesis, Narrative, Ruth3 Comments
    Chance or Providence?

    Often in biblical narrative things “just seem to happen”, rather like they do in our lives 😉 But are such “happenings” chance or divine providence at work? We’ll try to decide, using Gen 37:12ff. (read with Gen 39) and Ruth 2 as examples.  ...

  • An Introduction to Gapping

    Nov 7, 12 • 1&2 Corinthians, Gapping, NarrativeComments Off on An Introduction to Gapping
    An Introduction to Gapping

    Gapping, where hearers have to “fill in” information that is missing in the text, is a really significant part of biblical story-telling. So, I’ll need to introduce the idea to next year’s Biblical Narrative class. Normally we “gap” unconsciously, and not just when reading narratives as I hope I’ll show you in this podcast. We’ll [&hellip...