Shephelah: Tel Azekah, David and Iron Technology

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The third short summary video, in this series, focuses on the Shephelah (foothills between the hill country and the plains). I’ll stress that it is liminal territory, a boundary region that ideas and armies must cross. We look at Tel Azeka and the Elah Valley, where the story of David’s fight with Goliath takes place. I will suggest that this borderland is a significant motif in many of the key stories from the time of Saul and David. I’ll also mention the significance of the transmission of iron-working technology between the Philistines and Israelites. (( This will be treated in much greater depth in the session of which this video acts as a summary. ))


The clip of the helicopter shot is from the wonderful resources at as well as DVDs of the videos Doug does a fine newsletter explaining how understanding geography and culture can bring the Bible to life. Do explore his resources and sign up for the newsletter!


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