Recycling: What is the Bible? (Part 1)

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Detail from sculpture in the church of San Moise in Venice (from photo by Dennis Jarvis)

How do we picture Scripture? That is what is/are the (unconscious) models in our heads as we read and use the Bible?
This ‘cast refers particularly to Gen 18:20ff. and Amos 7.

How did God reveal Scripture, by dictation as with Moses, by some less sharp inspiration as seems to have been the case for prophets? And why do the four gospels not all sound alike?

Here is the audio: What is the Bible (Part 1)

Things have been very busy for a while now, so I thought I’d recycle some old podcasts. This one and its follow up, to come, were done back in 2007 when this podcast was pretty new, and I think the topic is one that bears repeating 😉

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