“Reading the Bible Faithfully” announcement

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Since we started teaching Understanding and Interpreting the Bible at Carey have every year, as well as giving very favourable feedback, students have said things like “Why don’t they teach us this in churches?”

Reading the Bible Faithfully aims to do just that. It will be based on the same ideas, but in am even more abridged form, making it accessible to almost anyone. The material will be flexible with everything I produce given a Creative Commons license so that others can adapt and use it as long as: (a) they give attribution (making clear where it comes from, my credit) and (b) they don’t suggest that they sponsored, ordered or paid for the material.

The plan at present is to offer:

  • an article each month in the NZ Baptist
  • also available online in an enlarged printable format
  • with questions and suggested exercises (for use by individuals or groups
  • podcasts (audio and/or screencasts) covering the same ground orally
  • a course taught monthly with discussion forums, exercises and  online tutorials
  • a course taught weekly “onsite” in the Bay of Plenty

There will be a small charge for the courses, to cover costs and ensure that people who sign up are committed to doing the work.

If you are interested to hear more about this project as it develops either:


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