E100-53: Luke 2:1 – 2:40: Jesus’ birth

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This is perhaps the chapter of the Bible that more people have partly heard than any other. We have also heard things that aren’t there: like the animals around the manger who don’t get a mention in Luke’s account – perhaps because their presence in houses as well as “stables” they were taken for granted.

Most people have a favourite part of this chapter. My childhood favourite is left out of the set reading, but I’ll talk about why other bits have stuck in my mind more recently. Although I will not actually talk about Jesus’ birth, for this chapter above all others in the Bible, I will notice things about Mary and another quietly significant woman character.


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The third vertical window on the north side represents the birth of Christ. The chief feature of this window is the exploding star at the top with its streams of light flowing downward. The lower part shows a horizontal streak of lavender suggesting the separation of heaven from earth. The heavenly light of the star may be seen in the bottom section of the window which depicts the actual birth scene. The purple typifies His royalty and the red anticipates His cross.

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