E100-59: Luke 10:25 – 10:37: The Good Samaritan, or is it?

OK this story must be one of the best-known that Jesus ever told, everyone has heard it! And if not (at least if they speak English or French or just about any other European language) they know the main character’s name – The Good Samaritan. Except that, what we know if we know this, is all wrong!

Jesus was a prophet so to understand what he’s doing here we need to remind ourselves how Prophets work. So after a quick recap on prophets we think about what Jesus the prophet is doing when he tells this story.

For more on prophets try these:


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3 Responses to E100-59: Luke 10:25 – 10:37: The Good Samaritan, or is it?

  1. This audio is a (mistaken) duplicate of Reading 58, Matt 13.
    Love the podcast. Look forward to corrected post.

  2. Heather says:

    Hi Tim, you may be interested in my reflections on this passage in response to reading it a few weeks back as part of E100. It’s gotten under my skin! I shared a bit about it for church and, as I’m not well enough to attend church in person, that sharing was a wee video which I have also posted on Youtube so I can share it with my family etc. It’s at:



    –Heather 🙂