Jonah 1:1 – How should I begin?


  1. I think I can see where you are going and I like the trajectory. Thanks for the Hebrew – I start level 2 tomorrow and am learning to hear as well as deciper visually

  2. I tried sending a verbal comment – but I don’t think I could make it work. The size is excellent and the level inviting – altogether delightful.

  3. Thanks, listening to Hebrew is certainly a good move, too many of us learned by seeing only! I’m sorry the audio comments did not work for you – it may be a silly question but do you have a microphone (either built in or plugged in)? Otherwise I am at a bit of a loss – this stuff is too technical for me!

  4. I think I agree that Jonah is a prophetic-narrative/story, but wayhi debar yhwh occurs 21 times in Jeremiah, 41 times in Ezekiel, and 6 times in Zechariah. In those instances it is a prophetic introductory formula, not a narrative forumula. So if it doesn’t mark a story in those instances, why would it necessarily mark one here?

  5. I don’t think I’m saying that it does, exactly… I think the whole form of the book so evidently IS a narrative that the introduction gently and subtly provides a clue that the book is not JUST a narrative…

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