Jesus as fulfilment of Scripture: Slavery and Spanking


  1. Nice work – this is one that I found by guess from the tags that it would be under proverbs. I note that the audios work perfectly for me from the 5 minute bible site, but do not work for me from my reader or from your blog page – the whole thing appears to be over instantly then silence. Thanks for this work Tim – and be encouraged. Sorry I won't get to SBL this year. At least it is not in my plan at the moment.

  2. Smart guess 🙂 I wonder what the problem with the mp3s is? I also wonder who else has the problem… and third wonder, I wonder if there is some meta tag that tells the software something it needs to know… which software are you using?

  3. I use firefox at home – good call – maybe that's the issue on the direct links. The five minute bible links work just fine.

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