E100-94: James 1:1 – 2:26: Faith and Works

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The truth is we have a wonderful country full of hotels,clubs,food franchises... and most of the people who work in this places for the rich come from a hood like this, No electricity and no water most of the time, still they manage to make it to work, get their kids to school,deal with public education, transportation and health which have always been a disaster here. The incredible part of all, is not how they survive,.. next time you visit a foreign country specially one in the third world, look a the smiling face serving you and know what they have to endure. (Photo and caption by Mercedes Ramirez Guerrero)

James is a difficult book to read, though in this podcast I’ll suggest that things we learn reading the Old Testament can help us. I’ll also try to explain how understanding where James is coming from can help, that is a bit of cultural understanding will make clearer how his mind works, and so his book. But if I tell you more you won’t listen to the podcast 😉

[PS: sorry, this podcast is longer than it should be, but it does introduce how to read James, and begins to address the “famous” faith and works dispute among early Christian leaders!]

I chose the picture and (longer than usual) caption on the right because an example James gives in this reading (James 2:16) happens (or almost happens) too often today – truly we live in a global village!


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