Humour in the Bible: Part 1: Introducing Saul


  1. I am a great fan of audio blogging. There is so much you can pick up from tone and expression of a voice, yet it is not as bulky and distracting as video blogging. I find it is soothing to listen to something like this while doing other things online. For instance, I have recently been listening to a streaming BBC radio show

    Anyway, thankyou and I hope you continue with this! The internet needs more educated/informed multimedia on these sorts of topics. On a recent browse of Youtube all I came across were arguments about whether to take Genesis 3 literally/historically. The majority of the Christian’s who were video blogging were, of course, literalists, who unfortunately don’t really reflect the general consensus of biblical interpreters.

  2. Thanks Robert, for the encouragement. I really enjoy the BBC and also ABC podcast shows. Unlike you I tend to listen while I am driving the car, rather than while at the PC too distracting when I’m working 😉

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