Humour in the Bible: Book 29: Joel 1:5

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“…the more I have read and studied Scripture over the decades the more I become aware that the writers were more often sharp-tongued trouble makers with a biting sense of humour than they were safe moralisers like the LXX translators The Ltalians have a saying: “Traduttore, traditore.” about how translators often betray their text.


Scripture is often sharp, frequently cutting to the bone, quite often funny, but seldom safe!

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  1. Mark Simpson says:

    Yes – I can certainly hear and see that the further away from the original word-for-word, the more is lost to thought for thought. I have kept in memory a graph of where the different translations fit – it does help me somewhat. To my musical nerve, and I think I’ve said before, the melody has changed throughout the translations if meter were to have some influence on the songs in the Scriptures. A kind of parallel to humour? I do like the camel