History or Theology: the Bible as a document

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"Asherah receiving a very poor divorce settlement" (Gavin has a nice sense of humour, so I've copied his picture and caption.)

Gavin in his post “Mrs. God” linked to my recent podcasts about Yahweh’s wife, he notes one area for discussion:

I’m a bit worried about the distinction Tim makes between a historically married god and a theological entity who wasn’t, but it’ll be interesting to see where it all leads.

To respond in this podcast I’ll talk about what the Bible is and how we can read it to try to give the distinction some context. Doing this as a podcast is a bit of an experiment, and I may move the discussion over to my blog if it seems the 5 minute talking head is not the best way to carry it on. So this podcast may be a bit of a one off, though hopefully even if it does not further the conversation with Gavin it may be helpful background for other listeners to my current podcasts on was God married and the gender of God.


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2 Responses to History or Theology: the Bible as a document

  1. Chunillal says:

    Good Tim – felt I was back in class. Always enjoy your insights. Much blessing – Chuni.

  2. Tim Bulkeley says:

    Eek, Chuni says “class” and Gavin said “authoritative” but what I’m aiming for is conversation, people to discuss, argue, question… Teaching amd insights and even authority are all good, but a conversation is better 🙂