Eliphaz: Truth into lies

It’s easy to preach lies from the book of  Job. It won’t be as obvious as preaching Atheism from Psalms (see Ps 10:4; 14:1; 53:1). All you have to do is take a passage from the speeches by his friends. Of course God tells us at the end of the book that they “have not spoken what is right about me”… (Job 47:7).

This podcast explores this more.

One Response to Eliphaz: Truth into lies

  1. […] So, should we just write off Job’s friends’ words? Cut them from Scripture? No, for “all scripture is inspired by God, and useful…” (2 Tim 3:16), but we do need to read the parts in the light of the bigger picture. Job’s friends warn us that truth can be used to misrepresent God. (See video Eliphaz: truth into lies). […]