E100 week 4: Exodus 1-18: Freed from other masters

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Photo by firstbaptistnashville

In this podcast, before looking at the passages selected for week 4, I’ll do a quick overview of what I think we should have noticed from Genesis (a sort of 30 second recap of weeks 1-3 😉 Then I’ll try to set the scene for week 4, which covers the story of the Exodus. Phrasing it that way though is perhaps not the best summary of Exodus 1-18. After listening to my podcast maybe you can suggest a better one?


The picture caption in Flickr for the second panel reads: MOSES – DELIVERANCE The second vertical window on the north side depicts Moses and deliverance. It features browns and tans in the lower part which are reminiscent of the desert wilderness. As the composition rises the colors gradually become greener and more olive, and the burning bush appears in their midst. God spoke to Moses in the burning bush and called him to go down into Egypt and deliver his people. In the upper background, there are the outlines of Mt. Sinai. The fulfillment of the promise to Abraham required the giving of the law and the experiences of Israel as a nation.

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