E100-41: Psalm 23:1 – 23:6: A psalm of the life of faith

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Wadi Qelt, Judean Desert, with St George’s monastry by Ester Inbar, available from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:ST

Perhaps the best known and popular psalm among both Jews and Christians but not easy to categorise, except that it expresses trust in God. The imagery makes even better sense when some geography and culture is understood:

  • sheep follow shepherds, they are not left on the hills and then driven
  • green pastures, means land where there is some green vegetation, not just rocks and dust
  • wadis: steep sided gorges, semi-desert little vegetation, quick run off from  hills = flash floods

For more on this see also my “Psalm 23 in context

2 Responses to E100-41: Psalm 23:1 – 23:6: A psalm of the life of faith

  1. Chunillal says:

    Tim – love the Psalms. These pod casts make them come alive in a fresh and exciting way – thanks.

  2. Tim Bulkeley says:

    Thanks 🙂 There are not many psalms in the E100, so maybe that’s another series I can think about when the E100 series is over. And perhaps at a slower pace as doing one a day is quite a load, though I’m really enjoying it 😉