E100-31: 1 Samuel 1:1 – 3:21: On not missing the voice in the darkness

Three great chapters, full of well crafted narrative, with a stirring  song thrown in! There is too much detail to notice in the way these stories are told, you’ll have to watch for the fun yourselves. In this ‘cast I’ll focus more on the song, and not so much on its detail as overall how it works. (For more background on this see my Why Read the Bible? Dreams and visions which is part of a longer series of reflections on Lost Treasures of the Bible: reading “from another place”: reading for a change that was earlier published as part of the Fetschrift for Brian Smith:

Sutherland, Martin, and Carey Baptist College. Mission without Christendom : exploring the site : essays for Brian Smith. Auckland N.Z.: Carey Baptist College, 2000.