Complaints: Part Three: a clue in Jeremiah

May 16, 13 • Arguing with God, Complaint, JeremiahComments Off on Complaints: Part Three: a clue in JeremiahRead More »

There are a number of passages in the prophets, and especially in Jeremiah that are like the complaint (lament) psalms. In Jeremiah the passages known as “the confessions of Jeremiah” are particularly interesting. Here I’ll just look at one feature of the first two (or three, it depends how we count them 😉 of these passages and notice how it helps us towards a possible understanding of the sudden change in Psalm 22 that we noticed in the last post in this series (Complaint Psalms: Part Two).

In the next post I plan to go back to the beginning and talk about the features of a typical complaint (lament) psalm.

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