I have not focused these 5 Minutes on how Is 53 speaks so clearly about Jesus, it is the Old Testament passage that is most clearly, directly and simply fulfilled in Christ. But that status should not make it paradigmatic for understanding how Jesus fulfills Scripture. For more on that (and there is nothing on that in this podcast 🙁 see What DOES “fulfil” mean? And other podcasts on this topic here. [amtap amazon:asin=0310245664] Instead in this audio talk I want to focus on reading the prophets. The prophets are problematic today, in part because  Christians sometimes make them seem more like Nostradamus than Nathan,Read More →

In this, and the next, 5 Minute Bible podcasts we’ll begin to discover how the Five Step Bible programme helps us make good sense of, and discover God’s message for us in, a rather difficult and obscure passage from Ezekiel. Because it is a difficult passage, to do this in just two 5 minute podcasts will involve some over simplifying, so do ask questions in the “comments” if you want 🙂   http://5minutebible.com/audio/5stepbible2ez28.mp3Read More →