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  • Land of the Bible: Jezreel Valley

    Mar 24, 15 • Archaeology, Context, Geography1 Comment
    Land of the Bible: Jezreel Valley

    In this episode we visit two city sites in the Jezreel Valley, Megiddo (with a wealth of archaeological features) illustrates a major royal centre of power, and the smaller Jezreel a royal palace and capital. These visits will lead to a consideration of stories of the reign of Ahab and of the place of kingship [&hellip...

  • Video introduction to Lakish

    May 4, 13 • ArchaeologyComments Off on Video introduction to Lakish
    Video introduction to Lakish

    Second city in Ancient Judah, we know of it’s siege and capture by the Assyrians from the Bible and from Assyrian written sources and pictures. We also know something of its later capture by Babylon in the time of Jeremiah...