Call for voices: Biblical Studies Carnival for 1st June

Call for voices: Biblical Studies Carnival for 1st June

Dear Biblical Scholars (both professional and amateur),

This podcast will be hosting the Biblical Studies Carnival for the month of May (which appears on 1st June). 1 So April’s is now out. Since this is a podcast I would love to feature voices and even video as well as the written word.

So, here’s a challenge: if you have something interesting to say about biblical studies, why not either make a short recording or a short video then either post it to your blog (and send me a link) or email the file to me…

I am willing to fill the carnival with the sort of dull written texts we have grown familiar with at least since the invention of printing – though Jim West will no doubt feature enough of them in his Avignonian hideout to bore the pants off you all. BUT I’d rather have lots of varied and lively voices, reflecting the life and variety of our discipline… Just please do not make you presentation as stodgy and amateurish as the average SBL paper, and certainly do not tell us after 20 minutes that you are missing a dozen vital pages in order to fit the time slot. Keep it short, keep it sharp, sell your ideas!

So, that’s your mission, should you choose to accept it!

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1. So April’s is now out.