Atheists, Fundamentalists and the Bible: Using Scripture

I’ve been puzzled and frustrated recently in several conversations by the way in which both some Fundamentalists and some Atheists seem to (mis)use Scripture in similar ways. This is the first of a series on this, it focuses on how this way of using Scripture is wrong.


3 Responses to Atheists, Fundamentalists and the Bible: Using Scripture

  1. Mark Simpson says:

    Agree on many of your points, having been given the ‘mace’ treatment by a fundie leader when very ill and in need of health recovery that if I did not provide for own I was “..worse than an infidel..” or in my tenderness another group declaring “..I am your enemy because I speak the truth” emblazened upon their sweater! Or seeing that because I am creative in visual arts I am producing idols when in fact I would certainly not bow down and worship what I make as a substitute for the True and Living God who is love! Thanks Tim

  2. Joe says:

    Thank you for your effort. I have been looking for very short discussions on the Christian Faith and this seems to fit the bill. I like to listen to short talks to ponder during my day. It helps keep me focused.

  3. Martin says:

    Great observation! I shared this post on Twitter and at

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