Where do you read “from”?

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Who is the lost son? (Photo by kevindooley)

Way back, at the turn of the century, I wrote an article for  Festschrift volume:

Tim Bulkeley, “Where do you read.” in Mission without Christendom: exploring the site, essays for Brian Smith (Carey Studies in Theology) Auckland: Carey Baptist College, 13-22.

Among other things it noted how the assumptions and cultural baggage we bring to “reading” a passage of Scripture can colour, change or allow us to see things more or less clearly. This podcast illustrates this listening to one of Jesus’ best-loved parables (Luke 15:11-32). And (I hope tactfully) suggests Western Christians risk missing the “point” in a quite dangerous way 🙁

BTW I dealt with the chapter as a whole in a previous podcast: Luke 15:1 – 15:32: Lost and Found if you are not quite sure about something I say here then that ‘cast might help 😉


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