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  • God the Midwife

    Aug 16, 15 • Gender, Genesis, Jeremiah, Job, OT, Psalms, TheologyComments Off on God the Midwife
    God the Midwife

    Here’s an old post, with now a screencast format and somewhat cleaned up audio. I briefly remind you of some of the passages that picture God as a midwife. The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) regularly pictures Yahweh as intimately associated with forming in the womb and with birthing. In view of “his” role as midwife [&hellip...

  • Complaint Psalms: Part One

    May 11, 13 • Arguing with God, Complaint, Job, PsalmsComments Off on Complaint Psalms: Part One
    Complaint Psalms: Part One

    This post starts to talk about Psalm 22, mentioning Job 10 on the way, we will examine these passages as a way into understanding “complaint psalms”. Complaints are the commonest type of psalm in the book of psalms. You might like to listen to my earlier post “Arguing with God: Jer 12:1-4” first, it sets the [&hellip...

  • What is the Bible? (Part 2) a hologram?

    Oct 26, 07 • Job, ReadingComments Off on What is the Bible? (Part 2) a hologram?
    What is the Bible? (Part 2) a hologram?

    Many people think the Bible is like a hologram, any part of which shows the truth. The practice of scholars, preachers and teachers, of citing single verses or lists of verses to demonstrate something, encourages this view. The claim that the Bible is “inerrant” in all its parts seems to seal the idea. Yet in [&hellip...