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  • Jonah: Thoroughly fishy!

    Jun 12, 14 • Genre, Humour, Jonah2 Comments
    Jonah: Thoroughly fishy!

    Spotting the exaggerations and humour in the book can help us understand, but it also acts as a warning!...

  • Humorous hyperbole in Obadiah

    Nov 19, 12 • Humour, ObadiahComments Off on Humorous hyperbole in Obadiah
    Humorous hyperbole in Obadiah

    Obadiah’s not a comedy. It is nasty, brutish though thankfully short. It is harder than usual to talk about this book as Israeli defense forces continue to rain destruction on Gaza though perhaps the placing of the book of Obadiah and my trip (starting Wednesday) to what was till recently war-torn Sri Lanka provide glimpses [&hellip...

  • Humour in the Bible: book 30: Amos 4.1

    Oct 29, 12 • Amos, Humour1 Comment
    Humour in the Bible: book 30: Amos 4.1

    You cow! Is neither clever, nor funny, in today’s world. So why do I think Amos 4:1 was intended to be funny? Listen to find out ๐Ÿ™‚ There is a post with more detail on this verse on my blog here: The works referred to in this podcast were: King, Philip J. Amos, Hosea, Micah: [&hellip...

  • God the exegete: 2 Sam 7

    Oct 18, 12 • 2 Samuel, Humour1 Comment
    God the exegete: 2 Sam 7

    This is the first part of a short series (it might only be two parts, who knows ๐Ÿ˜‰ on passages where God exegetes his own words. In this part we’ll look at 2 Samuel 7, where David wants to build a ‘house’ = temple for God, since he already has a nice ‘house’ = palace [&hellip...

  • Humour in the Bible: Book 29: Joel 1:5

    Aug 16, 12 • Humour, Joel1 Comment
    Humour in the Bible: Book 29: Joel 1:5

    “…the more I have read and studied Scripture over the decades the more I become aware that the writers were more often sharp-tongued trouble makers with a biting sense of humour than they were safe moralisers like the LXX translators The Ltalians have a saying: “Traduttore, traditore.” about how translators often betray their text.   [&hellip...

  • Humour elsewhere

    Oct 6, 07 • XtrasComments Off on Humour elsewhere
    Humour elsewhere

    For those of you feeling deprived of no new episodes added to the humour in the Bible series, while you are waiting, you can head over to two posts of Lingamish’s which elicited quite an array of candidates. First was Whoa to you who laugh and then incorrigibly followed by Funny Stuff in the Bible [&hellip...

  • Sexual humour in Esther

    Jun 14, 07 • Esther, Humour, Sex1 Comment
    Sexual humour in Esther

    The book of Esther tells a terrible story, of attempted genocide averted. Too often Christian readers miss the humour in the story, of course some of it is sex related, and/or poking fun at gender expectations, so perhaps there are reasons for the blindness.  ...

  • Humour in the Bible: Part 2: Still Introducing Saul

    Apr 20, 07 • 1 Samuel, Humour, Narrative2 Comments
    Humour in the Bible: Part 2: Still Introducing Saul

    Here’s a second instalment of Saul’s introduction… if when you are listening you have a Bible handy, open it to 1 Sam 9:11ff. [NB the screencast below includes both parts. Unlike the audio which sticks to the 5 minute format...

  • Humour in the Bible: Part 1: Introducing Saul

    Apr 19, 07 • 1 Samuel, Humour, Narrative6 Comments
    Humour in the Bible: Part 1: Introducing Saul

    This is the first of what might need to be a long series! Just to do justice to the introduction of Saul in 1 Sam 9 I’ll need at least 2 posts… except the “video”ย  version is a bumper compendium edition that merges parts 1 & 2 together&#...