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  • Jephthah & “Headship”

    Dec 5, 12 • JudgesComments Off on Jephthah & “Headship”
    Jephthah & “Headship”

    A friend on Facebook asked about her pastor’s interpretation of the story of Jephthah’s daughter, since that’s a “difficult” passage I thought it would make an interesting podcast. The trouble is I got waylaid, I spotted a distraction in the story.. Jephthah’s story (I have to return with another podcast about his daughter’s story!) may [&hellip...

  • “Headship”: What did Paul really mean?

    “Headship”: What did Paul really mean?

    “Head” is often used as picture language. Because such language is always deeply cultural and even personal it is vital to think about what someone else means when they say head – unless it clearly is just the lump that keeps one’s neck from fraying. Paul’s usage is particularly interesting and has more to do [&hellip...