Praising the fradulent agent

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Luke 16:1-11 records one of Jesus most puzzling parables. In it he praises an agent who defrauds his boss.

What’s going on?

We reach an uncomfortable conclusion 🙁


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5 Responses to Praising the fradulent agent

  1. Hi Tim: You have a gift for this work – don’t let my ratings discourage you.

    If I were to rate the 3 audios I listened to so far, Jonah 1 would get 10/10. Saul 7/10 and the dishonest steward 5/10. My criticism of Saul is that while there is a story and humour, you might be better to tell us less and let us hear more. Some day I hope you will do something on the humour in the Song (the brothers’ change of mind; the playfulness of the geography; and as we discussed earlier the language games) – it is for me like Wisdom at play before the foundation of the world.

    Of the dishonest steward – I think we need the cultural reframing as you have done, but there is still something more to be read into it. Using unrighteous Mammon and balancing responsibility with “what-me-worry” – I think too much, but some I know well cannot think – remember obligations, anticipate consequences. The one I raised with such brain damage is a constant challenge to my European colonial culture. He is God’s secret agent but it is God’s secret. I think you need to reframe without the moral statement. (If I sell all my goods and have not love, I am nothing).

    see also W. H. Auden:
    I cannot grow;
    I have no shadow
    To run away from,
    I only play.

    I cannot err;
    There is no creature
    Whom I belong to,
    Whom I could wrong.

    I shall never be
    Different. Love me.

  2. Tim says:

    Moralising is always a preacher’s déformation professionnelle! I am also finding the 5 minute format quite a challenge – I must be getting old 😉

    God bless,


  3. steve says:

    thanks so much for your insight. I was just talking with an associate about how much our western mindset impacts our theology and the living out of our faith.

  4. Cameron says:


    I found your blog recently while looking for five minute bible studies. I am quite impressed with what I have listened to so far in your series. I have been trying to find quality biblical information and hopefully scholarly information in my journey closer to God. I’d just like to drop a quick thank you as I could not find any contact info.