Humour in the Bible: book 19: Psalms

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In the Thai border town of Mae Aw, people from the nearby Burmese Shan province drop by to shop. They brave a rough trek of couple of hours - over the mountains - hiding from the Burmese army. Once here, they buy, pack their merchandise, have lunch and rest a little. Then loading the packs on their back they march off again. (Photo by Preetam Rai)

When looking for humour in Psalms, towards the end of the marking season, when teachers are always at a low ebb, I again cheated, asking Bob MacDonald (who has been studying the psalms closely for years now).

I’ll repeat some of his general insights about the book, and then take up his suggestion about Psalm 94 (his rendering of the psalm is here). I invited him to do a guest post, but for a mix of reasons he declined. So please do not blame Bob for what follows, it’s my reading of the psalm suggested by his idea… This psalm works for me because I hear in it the sort of overt dialogue between God and speaker that I often hear in the prophets, and like in Jeremiah’s confessions I think here God is gently leading his servant on and educating them 🙂

The audio is here: Humour in the Bible: book 19: Psalms

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  1. Thanks Tim – it’s a lovely reading that you do. You are working in real time on this project and it is impressive.