E100-97: Rev 2:1 โ€“ 3:22: Messages to the Churches

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Most listeners to this podcast, judging by the website stats, come from comfortable Western countries. If this is you (and it is ME) then most of what is said to the first six churches does not closely fit us, though it more often gives us goals to aim for.

Laodicea by contrast does fit, neither hot nor cold – isn’t moderation one of our chief virtues, especially in Church (even more than our society more widely where often excess reigns). We are also (on a global scale if not as individuals ๐Ÿ˜‰ rich and successful. Of course if we look beyond the material things that are so plentifull we might really see ourselves as blind and naked! (As the risen Christ saw the Laodicean Christians ๐Ÿ™

Our moderation, being not hot or cold won’t do. Jesus says he wants to spit us out!

It is in this passage that we read the word picture of Jesus standing knocking. It is not an evangelistic message but call to re-commitment!

Then running through these messages are the twin themes of sexual immorality and eating food offered to idols. Sex is much the same in any time and place, but the problem of food offered to idols hardly seems real today except…ย  What did eating food offered to idols mean to Christians in those churches in Turkey? Returning to their old ways, acting like and sharing leisure with old pagan friends, and so reducing God to another god. For most of us the similar temptation is to look for money and comfort to trust and enjoy things. Reducing God to an auxiliary role and not the main or only source of our life and happiness!


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