E100-74: Acts 8:26 – 8:40: Philip preaches Isaiah

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There are a couple of things to notice here:

  • firstly how Luke stresses the role of the Holy Spirit (or rather, God, since at the start it is “an angel of the Lord”)
  • it may have been a desert/wilderness road but like Abraham in Gen 12 “he got up and went” our response to such promptings is often more cautious, even at times Jonah-like
  • the Ethiopian official was prepared (been to temple, so God-fearer, reading Scripture – measure of his importance he had a copy)
  • Isaiah again!
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Like Yancey’s friend (see Reading prophets for pleasure and profit) he recognised what he was reading was difficult.

Do you understand… ” “How can I, unless someone guides me?”

The passage he was reading came from Is 53:7-8. Philip started with this scripture, and proclaimed to him the good news about Jesus. Christianity fits with, but goes beyond – fully fills – the Scripture that preceded it.


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