Did God “seduce” Jeremiah?

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My earlier podcast: The last Confession of Jeremiah: Jeremiah 20: Yahweh seduces his prophet I simply assumed the translation seduce” for patah But “seduce” is not a translation favoured by English translations.

I dealt with this issue briefly in a blog post Did Yahweh seduce Jeremiah? with a bibliographic note Did God seduce Jeremiah? Addendum but since the issue was raised orally it seems right to deal with it orally here.

So, in Jer 20:7ff does Jeremiah claim YHWH seduced him, or not? Listen to the podcast and then you decide!

As well as Jer 20:7ff. these other places where patah is used in the piel are mentioned:

  • Gen 9:27
  • Ex 22:15 (v.16 in English)
  • Jud 14:15; 16:5
  • 1 Kgs 22:20,21,22 cf. 2 Chron 18:19,20,21
  • Ps 78:36
  • 2 Sam 3:25
  • Pr 24:28
  • Hos 2:1
  • Pr 1:10
  • Ez 14:9

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