Decoding Revelation: the KIIC principle

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Yeah, right! (Photo by swanksalot)

Well,the end of the world has passed, again 🙂 That’s the second time this year! It is the Bible that causes all the problems. or rather it is bad reading of the Bible that causes all the problems. No book is more commonly misread than Revelation. Christians keep wanting it to predict tomorrow. And boy, do they get tied in knots!

But a simple direct dose of the KIIC principle would cure them… Keep It In Context, that’s all you have to do. Ask how the message would sound to the writer and intended receivers of the message.

For a bit more on this in writing instead of speech see: The Third Preposition: Bible was not written to/for/about you

3 Responses to Decoding Revelation: the KIIC principle

  1. Yes KIIC, this is true context is king, another important thing to remember is that YHWH will never change, not even the Messiah himself knew when the world would end, so its impossible for us to

  2. tim says:

    Amen, brother, too many Bible readers approach Scripture pridefully 🙁

  3. Mike Gantt says:

    I like your KIIC concept. If people adhered to it, they would realize that Jesus Christ has already come again. The coming of the kingdom of God was a grand and dramatic change in the cosmic order. Most notably, Jesus the Messiah was revealed to be God. In that, and the many attendant changes, all Bible prophecy was fulfilled in Christ. Thus we are now not to look to the future, but to Him.