Christians no longer practice “Christian Marriage”

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This post is not itself directly about the Bible, though it is thoroughly “biblical” as I’ll be happy to demonstrate if you ask targeted questions 😉

In the podcast I’ll take a pagan suggestion  from the Sidney Anglicans, and a scathing critique of the churches (from Stanley Hauerwas) (( Via Bacho as the original Hauerwas link is mia. )) and think more clearly about Marriage equality/the Redefinition of Marriage.

Though if you ask me how to get to B, I’ll tell you I would not start from A 😉

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2 Responses to Christians no longer practice “Christian Marriage”

  1. Thanks Tim – a voice of grace and truth in the current marriage ‘debate’ – delivered with your customary gentleness and respect. This 5 minute Bible podcast points to where Christians’ focus should be mainly directed.

  2. Mark Simpson says:

    Yes and thanks- grace and truth in a world of misbelief. I enjoyed the part of fidelity “..look back upon the marriage and call it love..” Looking after the generations who have been married 60-70 years and those people who lost their spouses early and never remarried because there would have been no better, has been a privileged insight. Having a quick look at an article by Gordon Spykman in Paul Heintzman, Thomas L. Visker (2006) “Christianity and Leisure: Issues in a Pluralistic Society: Toward a Christian Perspective in the Leisure Sciences”,Dordt College Press., (while packing up to move) he assumes that for “..what holds for one aspect of life also holds in its unique way for others..” in that what holds for work as work, marriage as marriage, worship as worship, also holds for leisure as leisure and certain norms hold each of these aspects of life. It would be easy to assume that changing a ‘norm’ would either change everything in some way or another or have no effect upon those who keep to the norm. Yes – holding an eschatological view of our Christianity and marriage really helps.