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  • iTunes and Facebook

    Apr 23, 12 • XtrasComments Off on iTunes and Facebook
    iTunes and Facebook

    After several false starts I believe I now have 5 minute Bible working on iTunes πŸ™‚ Please let me know if you have difficulty finding/getting it, I believe a search for “5 minute Bible” under “podcasts” will show it. I have also created a Facebook “page” for 5 minute Bible, please consider “liking” the page, [&hellip...

  • Recycling: What is the Bible? (Part 1)

    Nov 18, 11 • XtrasComments Off on Recycling: What is the Bible? (Part 1)
    Recycling: What is the Bible? (Part 1)

    How do we picture Scripture? That is what is/are the (unconscious) models in our heads as we read and use the Bible? This ‘cast refers particularly to Gen 18:20ff. and Amos 7. How did God reveal Scripture, by dictation as with Moses, by some less sharp inspiration as seems to have been the case for [&hellip...

  • Holy Week podcasting

    Apr 17, 11 • Xtras1 Comment
    Holy Week podcasting

    Since (at least Western) Christians this week leading to the celebration of the resurrection on Easter Day by first remembering the events of the days leading up to Jesus’ death, and remember his crucifixion on Friday, I will not be podcasting any of my “Humour in the Bible” series this week. Rather I will repeat [&hellip...

  • Our bach is now for Sale

    Dec 31, 09 • Xtras2 Comments
    Our bach is now for Sale

    Please excuse one post not related to audio talks about biblical study, but while we’ve been in Thailand our son Thomas and his wife Melissa have been hard at work preparing the family bach for sale. They have finished and it is on the market. Part of the view from the deck We are all [&hellip...

  • Oct 20, 09 • XtrasComments Off on

    In case anyone misses the comment deleted from the post below (it was spam from a “Christian” commercial publisher) here is an alternative that will cost you nothing! Experience the power of scripture in a whole new way with PodBible Audio Bible! Listen in your car, mp3 player or with your family and hear the [&hellip...

  • Bible study in mother tongues

    Nov 1, 08 • XtrasComments Off on Bible study in mother tongues
    Bible study in mother tongues

    Here’s my idea for helping people make Bible study resources available in their mother tongues – and (of course) they are audio Bible study resources!...

  • Self-referentiality and openness in online biblical studies

    Jul 2, 08 • Xtras2 Comments
    Self-referentiality and openness in online biblical studies

    Having just posted about the (no longer MIA) Biblical Studies Carnival ?? I then find myself double tagged for the 11111: The Binary Biblical Studies Carnival Meme which is far too many numbers and indeed writing systems for numbers for my poor little head πŸ™ I say double tagged, since my first and real tagger [&hellip...

  • Bibleref but no markup

    May 9, 08 • Xtras2 Comments
    Bibleref but no markup

    For more than a decade I’ve wanted an easy way to make Bible references like these: Amos 9:7; Ruth 4:7 link to the Bible or to popup the verses cited, I put a lot of work into doing that for the Amos commentary. Now, thanks to the nice folk at Logos, who I expect will [&hellip...

  • Humour elsewhere

    Oct 6, 07 • XtrasComments Off on Humour elsewhere
    Humour elsewhere

    For those of you feeling deprived of no new episodes added to the humour in the Bible series, while you are waiting, you can head over to two posts of Lingamish’s which elicited quite an array of candidates. First was Whoa to you who laugh and then incorrigibly followed by Funny Stuff in the Bible [&hellip...

  • (Just Text) RSS for iTunes?

    Apr 30, 07 • Xtras7 Comments
    (Just Text) RSS for iTunes?

    I am trying to provide an iTunes compatible RSS feed for this material. If anyone either uses iTunes or knows a way to check such feeds could you try this one and let me know&#...