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  • Hebrews: the most popluar book

    Feb 20, 16 • Bible Books, Culture, HebrewsComments Off on Hebrews: the most popluar book
    Hebrews: the most popluar book

    I’ve not addressed Hebrews before in the 5minuteBible podcasts, and it’s a book I learned to love through studying it while learning Greek… yet one that’s strangely (or not so strangely) unpopular today&#...

  • Introducing: Mark’s Gospel

    Jan 29, 16 • Bible Books, MarkComments Off on Introducing: Mark’s Gospel
    Introducing: Mark’s Gospel

    Mark is the first (probably) and shortest gospel. Yet it is full of tension and ends (if we accept the short ending as most likely original) mysteriously. Mark provides the key to the gospel in his introduction. After listening to this five minute introduction listen also to the whole Gospel (just over another hour)...

  • Where do you read “from”?

    Dec 12, 15 • Luke, ReadingComments Off on Where do you read “from”?
    Where do you read “from”?

    Way back, at the turn of the century, I wrote an article for  Festschrift volume: Tim Bulkeley, “Where do you read.” in Mission without Christendom: exploring the site, essays for Brian Smith (Carey Studies in Theology) Auckland: Carey Baptist College, 13-22. Among other things it noted how the assumptions and cultural baggage we bring to [&hellip...

  • Decoding Revelation: the KIIC principle

    Nov 11, 15 • Context, Revelation3 Comments
    Decoding Revelation: the KIIC principle

    Well,the end of the world has passed, again 🙂 That’s the second time this year! It is the Bible that causes all the problems. or rather it is bad reading of the Bible that causes all the problems. No book is more commonly misread than Revelation. Christians keep wanting it to predict tomorrow. And boy, [&hellip...

  • Understanding contradictions: 1 Cor 14:34 (Part 1)

    Understanding contradictions: 1 Cor 14:34 (Part 1)

    Perhaps no Bible text illustrates the dangers of a simplistic reading of Scripture than 1 Cor 14:34. If we tear this verse from its cotext, (( Or for a podcast. )) and then read it as if the Bible were “God’s instruction manual for life” and even worse read it also literally then we are [&hellip...

  • Introducing Revelation: Reading Revelation

    May 19, 15 • Bible Books, RevelationComments Off on Introducing Revelation: Reading Revelation
    Introducing Revelation: Reading Revelation

    There probably is no other book of the Bible that has so much nonsense taught and preached “from” it. So I will use two five minute slots to introduce this “difficult” book. In this session I’ll talk about how NOT to read Revelation and begin to point to a better way. Then in the next [&hellip...

  • Where was Nazareth?

    Mar 27, 15 • Geography, John, Luke, Mark, Matthew, RevelationComments Off on Where was Nazareth?
    Where was Nazareth?

    This podcast aims to show you where Nazareth was situated, and why as real estate agents love to say location matters. The helicopter footage has been generously supplied by PreservingBibleTimes from their most useful resources...

  • Land of the Bible: Wadi Qelt: the road from Jerusalem to Jericho

    Mar 17, 15 • Geography, Luke, Psalms2 Comments
    Land of the Bible: Wadi Qelt: the road from Jerusalem to Jericho

    In this video we visit the Wadi Qelt, the gorge that cuts down into the steep Judean Hills and so provided a passable route in ancient times between Jericho (in the Jordan Valley and Jerusalem in the hills). We’ll begin near the Ein Prat (Prat Spring) and passing the monastery head down towards the opening [&hellip...

  • The doctrine of “headship”

    Nov 11, 14 • Ephesians, Gender, Isaiah, Jesus1 Comment
    The doctrine of “headship”

    There is a lot of discussion (at least there is in the online circles I move in) about claims to a doctrine of “headship” that is biblical and that means husbands should take a leadership role with respect to their their wives. Or possibly that men should over women more generally. In a recent discussion [&hellip...

  • 1 Cor 10:23ff. Meat offered to idols?

    Oct 22, 14 • 1&2 Corinthians, Reading the Bible FaithfullyComments Off on 1 Cor 10:23ff. Meat offered to idols?
    1 Cor 10:23ff. Meat offered to idols?

    While Paul’s test case, whether Christians may eat meat that has been offered to idols is of little importance to most Christians today. When was the last time someone offered you such meat? His principle is still helpful and useful. This podcast illustrates how to spot the principle in this passage and begins to suggest [&hellip...