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  • Hebrews: the most popluar book

    Feb 20, 16 • Bible Books, Culture, HebrewsComments Off on Hebrews: the most popluar book
    Hebrews: the most popluar book

    I’ve not addressed Hebrews before in the 5minuteBible podcasts, and it’s a book I learned to love through studying it while learning Greek… yet one that’s strangely (or not so strangely) unpopular today&#...

  • Introducing: Mark’s Gospel

    Jan 29, 16 • Bible Books, MarkComments Off on Introducing: Mark’s Gospel
    Introducing: Mark’s Gospel

    Mark is the first (probably) and shortest gospel. Yet it is full of tension and ends (if we accept the short ending as most likely original) mysteriously. Mark provides the key to the gospel in his introduction. After listening to this five minute introduction listen also to the whole Gospel (just over another hour)...

  • Introducing Exodus

    Jun 3, 15 • Bible Books, ExodusComments Off on Introducing Exodus
    Introducing Exodus

    Sunday School, and most of our quick summaries of the contents of the Bible present Exodus as telling the story of how God frees Israelite slaves from the powers of Egypt. But, a closer look at the book shows that’s just half the story! Here we’ll focus Exodus as a book in two halfs. Doing [&hellip...

  • Introducing Revelation: Reading Revelation

    May 19, 15 • Bible Books, RevelationComments Off on Introducing Revelation: Reading Revelation
    Introducing Revelation: Reading Revelation

    There probably is no other book of the Bible that has so much nonsense taught and preached “from” it. So I will use two five minute slots to introduce this “difficult” book. In this session I’ll talk about how NOT to read Revelation and begin to point to a better way. Then in the next [&hellip...

  • Introducing Ruth

    May 12, 15 • Bible Books, RuthComments Off on Introducing Ruth
    Introducing Ruth

    Just four chapters, here’s a story without violence or even conflict, a simple everyday tale of country folk, yet Ruth grips hearers is loved by everyone and carries profound theological messages, that echo into the books before and after Ruth in the Christian Bible...

  • Introducing Genesis

    Apr 9, 13 • Bible Books, Genesis8 Comments
    Introducing Genesis

    As the first book in the Bible Genesis has a special importance for readers. This very brief introduction to some of the literary and theological issues of the book is really just the very beginning of studying Genesis! I’ve been working on a Bible Dictionary article on “Genesis” , so it seemed like a good [&hellip...