Another Biblical Studies podcast series

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It’s been a long time since I prepared a 5 Minute Bible podcast, lots of reasons, hopefully the drought will break in the next month or three as life quietens again. In the meanwhile I’ll do two things. Recommend Mark Goodacre’s NT podcast series, he’s on number 3 now, and the one I’ve listened to is really good! The three podcasts so far are:

  1. NT Pod 3: What is “Redaction”?
  2. NT Pod 2: Paul the letter speaker
  3. NT Pod Episode 1: Matthew’s Genealogy

The other thing I’ll do which should help remind me of some of the topics I said I’d address here 😉 and so perhaps get me started again sooner 🙂 is to repeat some of the older ‘casts. The first repeat will be the next post “above”.


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