A Text without Contexts is Dumb!

Apr 27, 07 • Context, Culture, Genesis, Psalms3 CommentsRead More »

This latest one is aimed at real beginners in biblical study and addresses why multiple contexts are important for reading/hearing texts, particularly the Bible.


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3 Responses to A Text without Contexts is Dumb!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is there any way to load this as a podcast into itunes? Thanks.

  2. Tim says:

    Not yet, I am working on it, but biblical scholars are not always too hot on programming stuff, even the easy bits! So please come back and hopefully I’ll master the arcane art of getting the XML file right.

  3. […] A Text without contexts is dumb! 2: Text without cotext is dumb August 15, 2009 Tim No comments For the second part of this “A text without contexts is dumb” series we’ll think about cotext, the text that surrounds a text, providing context. The biblical examples come from Psalms and Ephesians. You might want to listen to Part 1 here first […]