Zechariah 13:6 tells of a prophet with wounds in his hands, is this Jesus? Answer too quickly and you could accuse Jesus of being a false prophet! Can Christians find Jesus in Zechariah 13:6? The answer, of course, is no and yes. But first remember the proverb: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In this video I’ll also tell/remind you of the corny old story of the Sunday School teacher and the rabbit.Read More →

We are used to being shown (especially by Feminist critics) how the Bible and Bible readers remove women and women’s experience from Scripture. I only recently (perhaps because I’ve been more than usually aware of sheep – feeding Mary the orphan lamb and disposing of another lamb’s corpse) noticed how ‘modern’ Bible translations both cityfy and neuter the language of this familiar Bible verse.Read More →

This chapter is the beginning of the Bible, and beginnings are important. We learn why the world was made, and how God is “different”. Among other structural details we will notice is this one (the diagramme may help as you listen): Day Creation Day Creation One Light Four Luminaries Two Water and Sky Five Birds and Sea Creatures Three Land and Vegetation Six Land animals (inc. Humans)   http://5minutebible.com/audio/genesis1.mp3Read More →

Many people think the Bible is like a hologram, any part of which shows the truth. The practice of scholars, preachers and teachers, of citing single verses or lists of verses to demonstrate something, encourages this view. The claim that the Bible is “inerrant” in all its parts seems to seal the idea. Yet in the Bible God itself told us in the Bible that it is false!Read More →

In the comments on part 1 several people expressed the hope/fear that I would open the question of children as audience for Genesis. I didn’t but now some years later redoing that post with visuals reminded me how good it would be to ask that question. Recognising that, though not the primary audience for Genesis, children are envisaged as an audience for Genesis has profound implications for how we read Genesis. I begin to sketch them here. Only begin because already the ‘cast is nearer six minutes than five 🙁 1 I must be getting old, and will clearly need to watch the timing moreRead More →