• Introducing Exodus

    Jun 3, 15 • Bible Books, Exodus1 Comment
    Introducing Exodus

    Sunday School, and most of our quick summaries of the contents of the Bible present Exodus as telling the story of how God frees Israelite slaves from the powers of Egypt. But, a closer look at the book shows that’s just half the story! Here we’ll focus Exodus as a book in two halfs. Doing [&hellip...

  • Introducing Revelation: Reading Revelation

    May 19, 15 • Bible Books, RevelationNo Comments
    Introducing Revelation: Reading Revelation

    There probably is no other book of the Bible that has so much nonsense taught and preached “from” it. So I will use two five minute slots to introduce this “difficult” book. In this session I’ll talk about how NOT to read Revelation and begin to point to a better way. Then in the next [&hellip...

  • Introducing Ruth

    May 12, 15 • Bible Books, RuthNo Comments
    Introducing Ruth

    Just four chapters, here’s a story without violence or even conflict, a simple everyday tale of country folk, yet Ruth grips hearers is loved by everyone and carries profound theological messages, that echo into the books before and after Ruth in the Christian Bible...

  • Humour in the Bible, book 15: Ezra

    Apr 28, 15 • Ezra, Humour1 Comment
    Humour in the Bible, book 15: Ezra

    Ezra is far from the funniest book in the Bible, or the easiest read. Yet even here there are hints and traces of that most human of phenomena, humour. In Ezra 3:12-13 (as often) one either has to laugh or cry. Throughout the book something funny is going on with language and translation (see e.g. [&hellip...

  • Did God “seduce” Jeremiah?

    Apr 20, 15 • Complaint, Jeremiah1 Comment
    Did God “seduce” Jeremiah?

    My earlier podcast: The last Confession of Jeremiah: Jeremiah 20: Yahweh seduces his prophet I simply assumed the translation seduce” for patah But “seduce” is not a translation favoured by English translations. I dealt with this issue briefly in a blog post Did Yahweh seduce Jeremiah? with a bibliographic note Did God seduce Jeremiah? Addendum [&hellip...

  • The last Confession of Jeremiah: Jeremiah 20: Yahweh seduces his prophet

    The last Confession of Jeremiah: Jeremiah 20: Yahweh seduces his prophet

    Jeremiah gets more personal in his complaints, but his “conversation” with YHWH still seems to shut out any response… curiouser and curiouser… and which ending will you choose of this series? This screencast is part of a series on the “Confessions of Jeremiah” you can watch the rest here...

  • Humour in the Bible, book 14: 2 Chronicles 18

    Apr 1, 15 • 2 Chronicles, Humour5 Comments
    Humour in the Bible, book 14: 2 Chronicles 18

    The strange, and strangely disturbing story of Micaiah ben Imlah in 2 Chronicles 18 which repeats very closely its source in 1 Kings 221 it ticks all the boxes as a passage intended to be funny. And when you read it, it is hilarious. From Jehoshaphat’s gentle resistance through Zedekiah with a “Viking” helmet, and [&hellip...

  • Land of the Bible: The Judean Hills

    Mar 30, 15 • GeographyNo Comments
    Land of the Bible: The Judean Hills

    Much of the Old Testament is set in the Judean Hills, and much of the Gospels in the hills of Galilee. Life in the hills is more varied with a mix of shepherding and agriculture...

  • Where was Nazareth?

    Where was Nazareth?

    This podcast aims to show you where Nazareth was situated, and why as real estate agents love to say location matters. The helicopter footage has been generously supplied by PreservingBibleTimes from their most useful resources...

  • Land of the Bible: Jezreel Valley

    Mar 24, 15 • Archaeology, Context, Geography1 Comment
    Land of the Bible: Jezreel Valley

    In this episode we visit two city sites in the Jezreel Valley, Megiddo (with a wealth of archaeological features) illustrates a major royal centre of power, and the smaller Jezreel a royal palace and capital. These visits will lead to a consideration of stories of the reign of Ahab and of the place of kingship [&hellip...